You may want to find out a bit more about me, so here is the scoop.  I am a wife,  mother of 2 sons, a red-head (kind of neat since we make up less than 2% of the world’s population), live in Northwest Georgia, love fun, and enjoy the company of most every person I know.  I live in a town about 20 miles from where I was born and am married to a man that lived 2 blocks from me when we were babies.   I decided to attend college and found my nitch in computers.  Programming was a fit for me, I liked the logic (step by step) process and it clicked with me with the first programming class that I took while at The University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!).   Programming plays into this site as I will describe later.

I graduated but did not go into programming, instead I started working with PC’s when they first came out on the market.  That took my career into a different direction, setting up supporting local area networks, and one that I have worked at for about 30 years.  For 10 years I worked for our local school system as a Tech Support Specialist, and now work in higher education and work with faculty and future teachers on integrating technology to support personalized learning.  I love working with teachers and showing them innovative ways to integrate computers in their classroom.  I equally enjoy working with K12 and college students, it is a great fit for me.

As many of you know there were massive layoffs in education across the country in 2010.  My position was eliminated and I suddenly was unemployed.   I realized if ever there was a time to save a dime, it was now.  Thanks goodness I had been a avid couponer for years.  I learned to save major $$$ with coupons during a time when my husband was out of work due to a injury and I was out on a medical leave.  I searched for ways to help our family and looked at local programs and found organizations that are out to help,  but I realized finding them was the challenge.

During that time I could see the need for a  step by step plan for people going through job loss due to layoffs,  health issues, or due to economic downtimes.  So the programmer in me wrote a program – or Action Plan – which is a step by step plan on how to find assistance.  I shared with local agencies and many have used it over the past 8 years.   I have included a plan for anyone in the US as well as one for the county where I live, and I am in the process of developing others.

I believe God allows us to go through experiences that may be tough, but what we learn can end up making us stronger and perhaps we can help someone else down the road through sharing our experience.   I hope that you find encourgement and information on The Lifeboat that will helpful to you.

Disclaimer:    This blog is written by me, Helen Maddox.   The advice, plans, and any information on this site is simply to be used as a reference.   I do not represent any agency listed on my site nor do I guarantee any assistance they will give.   Use the information as a guide to agencies that may be able to assist you, information that may save you money, and posts that are intended to be of encouragement to you.

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