Disaster Relief Action Plan

by helenmmaddox@gmail.com on September 9, 2017

Hurricanes have descended on the U.S. in unprecedented numbers in the past month.  I worked with disaster relief in Paulding County after tornadoes ripped through our county in 2012.  There were many questions by those that had property damage, and I thought it would be helpful to have a Action Plan for Disaster Relief.  I worked with Shane Insurance Agency in Columbus, Ga, and pulled together contact information for FEMA and the Insurance Commission.  With Hurricane IRMA getting ready to hit Florida, I asked for a review of the plan, and Jerry Sherrin from McAdams Insurance Agency stepped up and helped review for 2017.  The information should be the same for any state. I hope this will be of help for anyone that may have damages due to the oncoming storms.

Note:  The plan is not a guarantee of coverage of services.

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