Did you know you can wrap a miracle?

by helenmmaddox@gmail.com on January 20, 2017

It is hard to believe, but I have wrapped a miracle.

I think people would like to believe miracles happen, but to actually hold one in your hand and wrap in beautiful paper is quite the experience.  

My husband and I attend a great church – Eagle Pointe Church in Acworth, Ga.  Talk about a heart for people, we may be small in numbers, but big in heart!  Every year a Christmas tree is set up in the lobby and paper angel ornaments adorn the tree.

Our pastors talk to schools, agencies, and get referrals for families in need and each Christmas gift request is written on an angel.  Usually requests are for toys, but this year in the mix we had angels for diapers and formula.  It is exciting to see the angels disappear off the tree each week and come back a week later attached to a wrapped gift.

However, there was one angel that stayed on the tree week after week.  A little 9 year old girl wanted a Hatchimal, only the hottest toy of the year.

Just like the hunt for TurboMan in Jingle All the Way, finding a Hatchimal would be impossible.  If you did find one they were selling for 3 to 4 times it’s original price.

About a week before Christmas I decided to stop by the church on the way home from work to see if any angels were still left on the tree.  Sure enough, the Hatchimal angel was still on the tree.  I stood there with our pastor, Howard Koepka, and told him it was impossible to find one.  He said he knew, and to just get something a 9 year old girl would want.  So I took the impossible request off the tree, knowing I was not going to be able to deliver what the 9 year old girl wanted.  I was defeated as soon as I lifted it off the tree, and thought “well, maybe”, “you never know”, “who are you kidding there is no way”, but agreed to try to find something she would like.

My husband Barry and I had a date night that evening, went out for a nice dinner and then went to ToysRUs.  Of course we asked about a Hatchimal, and we got that same look they had probably given the other thousand people asking for one.  “Probably a zero percent chance you can get one at this point, I don’t know that we will get anymore”, the little guy wearing horn rimmed glasses and a blue ToysRUs vest told us.  People have stood in line for hours to get one, but there were none to be had, line or not.

I went to Target also to no avail.  No Hatchimals, only a empty shelf.  So I settled on a nice jewelry making set, but I remember always getting that one special toy each Christmas, like the year I got a Barbie’s New Dream House. I played with it for hours, my friends got one as well and we set them up on Saturdays and played all day. My boys always got that special gift, between Santa and family they got it, and more.  But not this time, a 9 year old girl would be disappointed Christmas morning.

I got up the next morning, and wrapped the jewelry set.  Even though I wrapped it in pretty Christmas paper and tied it up with a bow, a wrapped disappointment was the reality.  

I moved on and got my day started, checked email and Facebook, and happened to see a friend’s post a couple of minutes old saying that she was selling 2 Hatchimals and donating 1 to charity.  She shared her daughters had camped out all night in bitter cold at Target to get them and ones for their little sisters.  I was sure the one for donation was already spoken for, but sent a message about our angel tree and the Hatchimal wish.  She responded quickly and said it was still available and she had been praying about what to do with the extra Hatchimals.  She wanted to sell 2 to make just enough to pay her daughters $8 an hour for camping out and then donate the 3rd.  She wasn’t sure who or where to donate, and said it was an answer to prayer – and the Hatchimal was mine!  

The girl’s wish came true and I witnessed a miracle before my eyes in a message on Facebook!  

If I had been a half hour later in reading her post, most likely it would have been gone as well as the other 2 sold.  But I learned that day, miracles do happen, and even though I had little faith in finding one, it did not stop this miracle from happening.  

My friend messaged me:


I picked up the Hathimal that afternoon and sent a pic to Barry and our pastors.

They all agreed, getting the Hatchimal was a miracle, no doubt!

I went straight home and didn’t want to take a chance by keeping it my car, it was such precious cargo!  As I wrapped it, I took great care in how I made every fold and placed every piece of tape on such a precious gift.

Some people may think that it was a lucky coincidence or great timing.  But for me, I feel so much appreciation to God for letting me go through this experience and that he allowed me to be the one to wrap a miracle!


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