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by Helen on February 1, 2013

One of my absolutely favorite blogs is Rhoda is an incredible DIY’er – I began following her over a year ago when she moved from Birmingham to Atlanta. Talk about rewriting your story, Rhoda is doing just that. As she writes on her blog:

“My story is a great testimony of how God can take ugly life circumstances and turn them into something beautiful and good and looking back 2 years ago, when my life seemed to be falling apart beyond repair, it’s with His amazing grace that I celebrate my Open House with all of you.”

(click on the links above to see her beautiful blog and read her story)

My sister Rita, friend Gail, and I arrived early. We wanted to get there before the rush. As Gail put it – she was so excited – it was like meeting a famous star! We 3 had followed her blog – read about her trials and triumphs, and loved seeing the transformation of her new home. Mind you the transformation was not easy work, it included ripping out cabinets, painting, rebuilding, sanding, you name it they did it – she with the help of friends, family, and most of all her sweet, sweet parents.

When we arrived we got to meet Rhoda – we were giddy! Rhoda is in the middle below, along with her roommate Rhonda (left), and sister Renee (right). The 3 R’s looked marvelous!!!!


Via SouthernHospitalityBlog

My sister Rita (on left), Gail (on right), and I were thrilled to be there. The house – let me just say – pictures don’t do it justice. It was breathtaking! Rhoda knows how to mix colors, fabrics, accessorize and it is a feast for the eyes!

Via SouthernHospitalityBlog

Renee was sitting with their sweet Dad and enjoying the company. Her Dad – is 85 – and works harder than most men 50 years his junior. We all watched and read about him installing stair treds, helping tear out the kitchen, and meanwhile tending to his gardens that he loves so dearly.

See what I mean – don’t you love the colors!

Just one of the beautiful vignettes in her home.

Look at the teal colors, felt like being at the ocean, love it!

This chest and mirror was at the top of her steps as we came in – stunning!

I had to get a shot of the merriment – everyone was a buzz and so excited to be there!

Her dining room – just gorgeous!

Via SouthernHospitalityBlog

This picture on canvas is one of my favorite things in her house – she posted this picture on her blog and I thought it was so dear. She and her Dad worked side by side – and this picture will always be a precious memory to her and us of the love and dedication he showed during the build out of the house.

Via SouthernHospitalityBlog

Oh and the kitchen, just beautiful. You would not believe – she had oak cabinets in prior to these beautiful Ikea cabinets. There is a lot of buzz about her new kitchen – look for it and Rhoda to become famous!

Rhoda in her beautiful bedroom – we all were so inspired!

My sister Rita and Rhonda, talking about writing, as writers do, and planning for us to all go eat Mexican soon (I am psyched!)

Oh and her office – let me tell you I would be so thrilled to have a retreat to work on my blog in a room like this. Look at the stenciled wall – the colors – she can mix and match with the best of them.

Via SouthernHospitalityBlog

See what I mean, look at her beautiful bedroom! She recently blogged about hand painting her drapes – they were scrumptious!

The highlight besides meeting Rhoda, was meeting her parents. What sweet wonderful people. We told her father that he was famous, that many people from all over thought so much of him and admired him for all he did to help Rhoda re-do her house. His comment “Well, that is just what you do for your children”.

I hope you enjoyed this Open House tour – I know I did. Be sure to find Rhoda on Facebook:
– and bookmark her blog You will be inspired, learn tricks on saving money with her DIY projects, and learn how to create a home that is a refuge, retreat, and lovely to behold!


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Rhoda@ Southern Hospitality February 1, 2013 at 5:19 pm

Oh, Helen! What a sweet post. So glad you 3 ladies came out to the open house, it was a treat for ME to meet ya’ll. You had me laughing and smiling the whole time. Rhonda and I would love to do Mexican, so we will plan that soon. Thanks for doing such a wonderful post about my Open House, I sure did enjoy it all!


Helen February 1, 2013 at 6:05 pm

It was a great fun and hoping to take some inspiration from your home and get working on mine!


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